Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dance Pet Peeves

Okay, so I went to ballet class yesterday as usual. And I know I'm in an adult ballet class so standards are different, but seriously, some of these things are really weird.

Why on earth is there:

1. Always some girl in a pink leotard with a pink skirt? You look like a little kid.
2. That really amazing flexible dancer?
3. The dancer who holds herself beautifully but always goes the wrong way?
4. That weird guy who's way too friendly, thinks he's the best dancer in the room, and jokes/hits on other dancers?
4.5- Then towards the end of class, he takes of his ballet shoes (eww), and ends up sitting on the floor (rude)?!
5. That woman who's probably a professional dancer.
6. Someone with their hair in a ponytail, but their hair is too long for it and it whips them in the face?

Just saying, all of these have occurred at least twice since I've been attending this class (and yesterday was my 3rd class). It's really strange. I mean, I have nothing against the class or the people in it (but maybe that weird guy), but I just don't get it.

I guess I'm the "girl who looks too young to be there"...

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