Saturday, July 28, 2012


Today was another enjoyable day. I have to say, things have gotten a lot better since my friends have been back in Singapore and are available to hang out.

I woke up kind of late, which was annoying since I had to meet my friend Cat at noon. So, I basically ran out of the house to the train station. She lives in as close to the middle of no where as you can get in Singapore, which is kind of cool, but also kind of annoying. Anyways, we had lunch out around Bishan and then went to her house.

Cat is an amazing yoyo-er. Though she's only been playing for about a year and a half, she's really good. Leagues better than I'll ever be. Anyways, she gave me a new yoyo since I learned all my annoying Foundation One tricks (yay) I think it is very pretty.

She taught me a bunch of new things which are all really cool. I'm not terribly good yet, though. What's strange is that I figured out a "slack trick" relatively quickly- apparently those are pretty difficult. At least now I have something else to do to fill up my time. 

This evening I've been Skyping a friend of mine, Flick. She's fun to talk to. 

So, I'm just trying to enjoy the last bits of summer while I can. 

Also, I'm really looking forward to the Olympics! I think they started yesterday at 9pm... which is like 6am Singapore time. Not certain if I'm going to be waking up for the opening ceremonies. Probably not. 

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