Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Minor MRT Adventure

I like the MRT system here in Singapore. It's much more modern and clean than Boston or New York City's. While I do take the train quite frequently, I've only been on the bus a handful of times. Today I took both the train and a bus to get to my friend Krutika's house, which was turned out to be kind of complicated. 

First of all, I had to go switch to the Circle Line to get to her house. Which shouldn't have been difficult, except I missed my train and had to wait around for a while. Then I made it to her station and missed the bus to her house. After playing Tetris for about 10 minutes, another bus came. Except I forgot you have to enter at the front of the bus and entered through the middle. So, I had to hop off, run to the front and tap my card before the doors closed and the bus took a sharp turn. Thankfully I didn't fall on anyone and got a seat in the back. Now, she told me there were 4 bus stops to her house. I guess I got on at a different stop than her, because it only took me 3 stops. Which was very confusing... I need to take the bus more. 

I had a good time at Krutika's house. I had lunch there, which was nice as I haven't had Indian food in years. I'm kind of afraid of it, because I've gotten quite sick off of it before in the States. I do think I am allergic to lentils or something. 

After lunch we tried to see Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter (which I did not want to see, I like my history unadulterated). However, we ended up watching The Amazing Spider-Man because she didn't have an ID card and ALVH is a 16+ movie. I found it pretty funny that they wouldn't let her in because I'm younger than her and Krutika certainly looks at least 16. 

It was nice hanging out with Krutika today. She might come over to my house next week so we can make pizza for lunch together. I think we're going to film it- if we do, I'll post the video here if she lets me!

In other things I've been up to, I've been studying Chinese a bit every day. I've also been playing a fair amount of Diablo. I'm proud to say I'm not completely addicted like some people I know back in the States (and here in Singapore). I quite like being a Wizard, I think she's pretty cool. And she's level 28. Which isn't high at all. Nor is her damage output. At least I made her jacket blue so she's nice and pretty when she kills things....

Haven't done a Quote of the Day in a while....

Sometimes, when one person is missing, the whole world seems depopulated.  ~Lamartine

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