Wednesday, April 25, 2012


This is quickly turning into one of those weeks that falls flat on its face.

Just like me in law class today.

I can't remember how yesterday and Monday went, but I'm fairly certain they weren't particularly good days. If memory serves, they were filled with dancing, injuries and generally annoyance. Then today we had a really boring assembly.

After the assembly was quite possibly the worst law class in history. We had a mock trial, and I really screwed it up. There was a slim possibility that my team could have won, but I completely obliterated all possibilities. My cross-examination was dismal and my closing statement downright pathetic. Not to mention I tripped over a computer charger going up to do the closing statement, so everyone was laughing at me. Something tells me I'd be a really, really awful lawyer.

Then in  Chinese class today, my teacher was trying to teach about clothes, colors, and how to give compliments. This quickly turned into a prom discussion, which was entertaining at first. Questions that didn't cross any particularly boundaries, like what color dresses we wore and who we went with. Fine.
But then she picked up that I went with my boyfriend. This spawned a humiliating, 15-20 minute long conversation about him and prom in Chinese. The issue really is that I'm not comfortable with my Chinese class (mostly Freshman) and I'd never be comfortable discussing my relationship with a teacher.
Though she knew she had crossed a line and spoke to me after class, I'm not sure how I feel about the situation. In a way it's really funny, but it doesn't seem.. right.

I'm too lazy to pick a quote... so here, have a song:

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