Saturday, April 14, 2012

Life Goes On

There really hasn't been that much going on lately. Due to IASAS I got out of 3 of my classes, and ended up talking to people in the US. I miss them a lot- Anime Boston was last weekend (a convention I really wanted to go to) and they were telling me their funny stories from it. I also spent a decent time with Nick, who managed to get out of all his classes (lucky). This upcoming week is going to be really busy with dance show tech week, a busy week for me (2-day rotation timetable, with 3 'busy days'), and prom next Saturday. There's been a lot of prom drama... some of the promposals are quite interesting. Apparently there was a mock wedding, which is just weird!

Yesterday after school there wasn't much to do so I dragged Nick to Build-A-Bear. The video is below, though I will admit it's not very interesting because most of it is just him standing around. He ended up making a stuffed rabbit named Natsumi (my Japanese name). I was very amused, which is why the video is so shaky!

Today I ran a lot of errands with my mom. I finally ordered a boutonniere at the florist's shop near my house, picked up my prom dress, went grocery shopping, and bought some art supplies. Which makes today not terribly interesting. Oh well.  

I can't decide if I'm really looking forward to tech week for the dance show, or dreading it. I've kind of really angered the dance teacher by purchasing a tech shirt instead of a dance shirt. I'm in ONE dance, versus teching nearly the whole show. Please explain to me how I'm 'a dancer before a techie' for this show. In addition, the dance teacher is irritated that I didn't audition for Dance Performance (the class of kids who choreograph for dance shows) like I thought I would at the start of the year. Not to mention that she really dislikes techies. So, I feel like this dance show is going to be avoiding her as much as possible while awkwardly realising that I'm a useless stage techie. This is going to be either very funny, or very depressing. 

Quote of the Day: "There are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them" ~Vikki Baum

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