Tuesday, April 10, 2012

This Generation is Stupid

The beginning of this blog entry was written in my HOJ and Molecular Biology Classes.

... What? I had some free time, okay?!


I'm blogging in HOJ because I've completely  run out of patience for my classmate's ignorance. At this point, I don't even know if they are joking about not knowing some of this stuff. Generally speaking, you know, when a country gets invaded by another, they are not on the same side. Right after my teacher said that Germany made France surrender in the Fall of France, someone proudly declared that they were certain the Axis powers were Germany, Japan and France. Shortly after that, someone said that the UK used fascist rule during WWII. I don't know how much my readers (because I assume I have readers) know about history, but this is just another level of stupid. In a lot of ways it's positively terrifying, because the kids in my class either can't listen or can't comprehend basic facts. *shudders*

M. Bio:

You know, I really hate it when I finish tests early. It always feels like I've gotten everything wrong, no matter how many times I look it over.

 Anyways, something kind of funny is happening today. One of my friends decided to ask her boyfriend to prom, because he apparently hasn't asked her yet. However, he was planning to ask her to prom today. Now, my friend's plan involved putting origami dragons in each of her boyfriend's classes, eventually leading to him having to find her for the last dragon to complete the question, "Will you go to prom with me?" So there was no way for her to back out of her plan, and she's not the type to do so anyways. Then her boyfriend is trying to spell her name out with rose petals or something in the tech office, I don't really know.

Personally, I think the whole thing is completely hilarious. I mean, what are the chances of two people planning to prompose (that is a word, in case you didn't know) to each other on the same day? It's quite amusing.

Quick question: What makes a cause worthy of raising awareness/supporting to you?

Today at school there is this weird  'Raise Awareness for X Cause' thing today. If you donated a pair of shoes to a needy kid, you didn't have to wear shoes to school today. First of all, I think this is a weird way to raise awareness for the cause. Mostly because I would never go without wearing shoes, even if I cared about the cause deeply. Second, I don't understand how this is a super huge cause to worry about when there is malaria, AIDS, general poverty, human trafficking, starvation, global warming..... you get the idea. Giving people shoes should be part of the 'anti-poverty' thing I guess, but it just doesn't seem as essential as getting people clean water. I don't know. That being said, now I feel bad for thinking this charity is kind of weird and I'll probably end up donating to it.

After school today, there wasn't really any tech since I'm not working the next upcoming show (that's on my mother's birthday). Instead of doing something smart like doing homework, I went to Floor Hockey. I swear, every time I go I wonder why I am there. That being said, I keep showing up (though not very often) so I must like it enough to risk getting clobbered over the head by guys a foot taller and 50-70 pounds heavier. I noticed today that I'm a lot more prone to falling to the floor than other people who play. I guess when I get pushed, I don't exactly have the great reaction skills they do. Oh well.

Tech week for dance show is next week, which is exciting. Basically, I get to see how I'm going to handle teching and dancing at the same time. I'm sure it will end up being an educational experience. Besides, I've never worked stage before in tech!

Quote of the Day: "Shut up! Actually, don't shut up. I like the sound of your voice." ~some TV character in a drama

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