Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Scenes and Monologues

I'm quite certain that it's no shock to anyone that I did practically nothing today.

First thing in the morning I had a Chinese skit that I, "Did your personal best on," according to my teacher. Does it bother anyone else when they are told this? I never know if it means I got a good mark or not- sometimes my "personal best" is a good grade, and sometimes it's not. Regardless, the skit went really well and I actually tried to not look like a zombie during it. Which was extremely difficult when one did not get a lot of sleep the night before.

Dance was irritating today. I decided to work with a different group than I normally work with, in hopes that they were going to do an interesting topic. Instead, they decided to explore the concept of human trafficking (the project is on human right's issues). Human trafficking is an important issue of today, but to be frank everyone else was dancing about it and it's annoying. I wanted to do something about the general intolerance of homosexuality, which appears to be a topic everyone is a bit scared of here. So now I'm stuck dancing as a victim of sexual slavery. It was either that or being a victim of black market organ trade.

After school I had a lot of free time that I should have spent doing my homework. Instead, I sort of did my homework. Mostly I just hung out in the tech office.

There was only one show of Scenes and Monologues because there was a memorial today for a teacher who passed away from cancer recently. As I never knew this teacher I figured it was improper of me to attend. During the one show, I tried my hand at working camera. It's not something I could see myself doing every show, but it's nice for small shows like tonight's. The show was quite funny overall, some of the skits were interesting. I have to admit I have no patience for monologues, much like how I don't always appreciate lengthy dance solos. There's just something that never manages to capture my attention. Also, saying someone else's words on a stage by oneself just seems strange to me. When one dances, one can make the choreography her own. However, it just doesn't seem like actors can ever make another's words their own... or I'm bias to think dance is better. 


Quote of the Day:

"Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory." ~George S. Patton

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