Sunday, September 29, 2013

Quick Update

Well, it's no surprise that things have been busy lately. I'm juggling dance, tech, school, more dance, and college apps. While this workload is apparently not as bad as university, it's not exactly relaxing either. I've been feeling bad about not blogging as much, but I just don't have the time.

Since I had to convert a PDF to a Word document and it's taking forever, I figured I had a moment.

Dance is going okay. I'm the dormouse in Alice and Wonderland, which sounds incredibly insignificant. However, I find the part really fun because I get to interact with lots of people and potentially have a decent amount of stage time because in theory no one will remember what scene I'm really supposed to be in. Teehee. Maybe getting a part I didn't know existed wasn't a bad thing after all.

I'm going to try out for IASAS dance, which is basically my school's varsity dance team. I didn't make it sophomore year and didn't try out Junior year... Well, it would be great if I did, but not a surprise if I didn't make it.

Also, this song is pretty much helping me get through life.

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