Thursday, September 5, 2013

My Dad Eats Weird Things for Lunch

My father sure has been up to some strange things lately. From finding a rather large house gecko riding around in his pants to fiddling endlessly with his remote control helicopter thingy, he's quite busy. I feel like most of his funny stories happen when my mother and I aren't around...

His work serves lots of interesting things for lunch quite cheaply, so he's always eating in the cafeteria there (though sometimes only fruit when he gets down there late). Two days ago, they were serving Dim Sum (which he only found about after he had already bought lunch). It was like $3.50 and appeared to be a pick-what-you'd-like affair, so he was quite sad to miss out on it. However, yesterday was another local delicacy- chicken feet! Some of his coworkers wouldn't get within 10 metres of it. Yet, my dad tried it after listening to one of his female coworkers go on and on about how good for the skin it was.

Apparently, chicken feet tastes like "gooey barbecued chicken skin". He finished most of 1, which was very polite of him. Not entirely certain if I would try it... well, I'm more likely to try chicken feet than durian!

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