Saturday, September 7, 2013

Minor Mistake

There are some days where you do something stupid, knowing it's stupid. I'm not talking about drinking or drugs- I'm talking about going to the grocery store on a Saturday in the late afternoon. Saturday is helper shopping day- a special day where people send their helpers to do the grocery shopping for the next decade that often involves multiple carts, long queues, and loads of people chattering away on their handphones. It's not a day to try and run to the store for a couple of plastic bags, digestive biscuits, and butter. Oh no. You'll be standing in the queue for pretty much eternity. The "express" lines won't be any faster, since there are only half a million people there that mysteriously all break the 10 item rule.

Aside from my pitiful shopping list, I also bought a foam roller. These are things used to massage muscles that are all the rage in the dance and fitness world. I got a cute pink one for $35 that probably cost $5 to make and $10 to ship, which is a little annoying. Nonetheless, I don't know why I did not buy it sooner. I've rolled out my legs and can honestly say I never knew I was that tight. Dancers get a weird joy out of counting bruises and rating pain scales on the foam roller (at least, the dancers I know do). I'd rate it as somewhere between a 6 and an 8, depending on the muscle group. Will probably be sore tomorrow.

So now I'm babysitting and watching a really repetitive, boring movie with absolutely no plot about football and dance. I'm not really sure if there is a purpose to this movie, or if it just exists to make money off children's parents who want to watch something from Disney. I can't focus on homework because the volume is up to high, and sitting in the kitchen while the girls watch the darned thing. So now I'm stuck watching a dumb movie about football and ballet, regretting that I wasted so much time today. Well- there's always tomorrow.

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