Sunday, September 22, 2013

Busy Bee Me

Oops, it's been a while since I've last posted. Sorry about that. I've just been so busy trying to balance school, college, tech, dance and having a life (the last bit is largely imaginary). Senior year of high school is a busy time for everyone- there's more work on our plates than ever before. I'm taking 3 AP classes (though one isn't very hard), Dance Performance (which I love, but is a real time-eater), English and Chinese (another time eater). Thankfully I have 2 free periods this semester to allow me to get my college apps done, or just get a moment to chat with friends and rest.

I know high school is nowhere near as busy as college is going to be, though. I've made  a bunch of decisions in that regard that I'm generally pleased with. I'm pretty certain I'm only looking at US schools at this point, which is a mixed bag. I really liked the UK, but the US gives me more options and opportunities to work for the US government (shocker, I know). At least, that's the theory behind my choice. Maybe I'll go to the UK for my Master's or something, that would be pretty cool.

My dad's birthday was on Tuesday and I made him minion cupcakes.

Almost too cute to eat!

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  1. Too cute, agreed. But you forgot to mention that they are made from scratch - so they are also irresistibly delicious! Love, Dad