Friday, September 6, 2013

Curious Things

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, mainly because I've had an odd amount of free time disguised as legitimate classes. The vast majority of my teachers have all decided to have tests on the same day, which is a real pain. This weekend is going to be a lot of self-directed study... which actually, I don't mind. Anyways, here are some things that I found kind of funny.

1. I'm never going to be able to give my kids crap for climbing on the counters, because they're going to watch me do it every day. Here's to being too short to reach the upper cabinets!

2. Even though I got a pretty girly class ring, it's still going to look big on my hands, because I have baby hands.

3. A bird died on the stairwell a couple of days ago. They removed the carcass, but bird feathers are still all over the place. First of all, how hard is it to sweep up? Second, the theories behind why there are so many bird feathers everywhere are hilarious. I don't know who else saw the poor bird, but people seem to think birds have shedding seasons in which ALL their feathers fall off. Come on, people.

4. My school cafeteria sells amazing baked pasta, and I only found out today. So much for being healthy...

5. A Subway Italian BMT has 450 calories, compared to a Turkey-Ham having 290. In short, Subway is not very good for you- and the cookies are about 200 calories each.

6. Ovaltine Milk Drink is apparently the world's greatest cure all for all ages if you believe their packaging.  

7. I cannot draw a realistic looking bear for my life. I'm pretty good at cutesy animals, but a realistic bear with a snout (the horror!) looks incredibly stupid. However, I can draw a darn cute mouse and bunny.

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