Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sparkles Makes It Better

I don't feel like doing anything academic, so I might as well write here.

First thing in the morning, I had my History of Japan presentation. Which if I say so myself went pretty well. My topic was Vocaloid, which was surprisingly fun to research. Though I will confess that the music gives me headaches if I listen to it for too long. Though I think the presentation was fine, there is something really draining about having to talk about a topic for 5 minutes in front of a class of bored individuals.

If you're curious, here's the video I used in my presentation.

After said presentation, I had a math test on logarithms  that I failed. Most of my class was frantically guessing-and-checking answers or else doodling on their tests, so I feel slightly less bad. It's not that I have a bad teacher, or that I'm particularly bad at maths. It's that the topic isn't very easy and my teacher goes about explaining things quite strangely. I don't really need to know exactly how a math equation works as long as I get the answer, right? It doesn't seem to matter to her, because she explains things in such a fashion that no one really knows what they are doing. Which is annoying.

English was nothing special, but in Molecular Biology we started dissecting fetal pigs.

... What's weird is that I was not the most disgusted out of the three of us. My lab partners were positively queasy while I tied the stupid thing down to the dissection board and did the little drawing. It was really gross. And I have to do it again on Friday, the proper dissection part not just the sketches. I'm fairly certain someone in my class will get sick.

Thankfully when I got home I discovered that the parcel my aunt sent me from California arrived with lots of goodies. There was lots of fun nail polish and stuff- my nails are currently a super-sparkly blue.
This is proof that sparkles make everything better.

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