Monday, May 14, 2012

I'm 16?!

So it's been a while since I last posted, and as usual I blame laziness, school work, and more school work. As it's May, teachers have finally figured out that the school year is coming to a close. They counter this by loading students with as many papers, projects, and general busywork that they can grade. Then, teachers go and complain about all the grading they have to do. These seems like a relentless, painful cycle that apparently can't be avoided.

The interesting thing about today is that it is my birthday, which is probably not something that I should broadcast on the internet. Regardless, I am finally sixteen years old. When I was little, sixteen was this magical age in which I could drive, find my prince charming, and get my ears pierced. I also think I could get my hair dyed and have sleepovers as well.

First of all, I can't drive here in Singapore, the age is 21. Which is kind of annoying, but not a big deal because I live in a city with an amazing train station.

Then, I've found myself an amazing boyfriend. However, last time I checked he's not a prince and doesn't wear those weird outfits that animation men wear. Thank goodness.

I got my ears pierced three times over a 2 year period. Meh.

Not interested in getting my hair dyed, and I've been having sleepovers since like age 8.

So, turning 16 hasn't been a magical day in which everything has suddenly turned upside down. Instead, it was a long day filled with boring presentations, an awkward science class, and math equations that are highly annoying. Oh well. At least now I can say I'm in the middle of my teen years XD

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