Saturday, May 19, 2012


I have had one of the most exhausting 24-hours ever. At this point, I think it's been longer than 24 hours of straight up exhaustion.

After striking a show (Coffee House) Friday afternoon, SAS-a-Thon started. Similar to Relay For Life, SAS-a-Thon was an all-night walk to raise funds to fight against poverty. I ultimately walked 58 laps, which wasn't bad all things considered. Our team walked a total of 689 laps around the track, which is about 172.5 cumulative miles.

SAS-a-Thon started around 6, and I walked on-and-off until midnight. At midnight, there was a remembrance for cancer suffers, which everyone at the whole event went to. My friend Marianna's walking shift was 12-1, and I stayed up with her for most of it, if not the whole thing (I can't remember). Then, I sort of slept (woke up every 5 minutes, there were kids playing football and it was noisy) from 1-2. 2-3 was my shift, so I walked all of that. 3-4 was Nick's shift, and I walked a bit of it. I think I got back to my sleeping bag thing around 3:20 ish, because I wanted to wake up an hour later. I was back on the track at some point... maybe 4:30am.

The only reason I was back on the track was because Nick decided to run a marathon (104 laps). I think he walked 60-odd laps and ran the rest of them, which is very impressive in my opinion. He is part of the reason our team got so many cumulative laps. Something amusing- Nick and I have been dating for three months as of today. I think I mentioned it around 1am. The thing is about SAS-a-Thon is that once it gets dark, it's like time is suspended. So while I mentioned that, I don't think it was really registering with me either.

Also, another boy on our team also finished a marathon distance.

After Nick finished his marathon everyone on our team pretty much collapsed (or was already asleep) and slept for an hour. Then SAS-a-Thon ended, so we had to leave the track area. We weren't in tents or anything... no, SAS-a-Thon was about staying awake. So, we were camped out on the bleacher things. Anyways, the Techies then all dragged themselves to the Tech Office, where we crashed. The nice thing about the Tech Office is that the floor is really comfortable. Otherwise, it could have been a miserable time.

In case that wasn't enough activity, the college information faire thing followed. This is why I did not go home right after SAS-a-Thon like many of my peers (that being said, a fair number of people did stay and found various locations to sleep). While the college presentation meeting thing was interesting, I was too tired to actually absorb anything.

When I finally got home, I got to crash for a few hours before going upstairs to babysit, where I am now. Normally I don't like sleeping when I'm babysitting- it feels really unprofessional. Besides, the Red Cross babysitting course really emphasized not sleeping while working.

... I don't care tonight. I think I'll do some more work, possibly play the Sims 3, and crash. I'm such a cool kid.

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