Thursday, May 17, 2012

I Have No Swag

I am so tired. 

First thing in the morning I had a Chinese test, which was no big deal except I know I made a few mistakes. I'm not good at translating from Chinese to English. Once I hear a lot of Chinese, I start thinking in it. Words I don't know get added in my mental dialogue in Spanish or Japanese. Which is lovely when I have to translate on-the-spot during a test, of course. The spoken aspect of the test always amuses me- I talk too fast for my classmates to really understand. Then my classmate's grammar is so bad I cannot understand them. At the end of the day, I end up looking really good at Chinese. 

Dance class today was really... interesting. Yes, interesting seems like a good word for it.  We had an alumni teach us hip-hop, which was a bit of an adventure. I'm not terrible at hip-hop by most standards- after a while I can generally get the right attitude for it. Apparently,  that only applies to certain styles. What we learned today required a lot of "swag", or a very specific hip-hop attitude. The teacher tried to explain it as street fighting mentality, which needless to say I've never really experienced. It's not feminine sass- that's jazz. Honestly I have no idea what swag is. I know what it looks like, but not how to get it. Oh well. I'm sure I was funny to watch today. 

I have this really stupid project for Chinese class in which my partner and I have to film a video about the school.  The issue here is that she's a Second Semester Senior and doesn't care about her Chinese class. Though she did make me stay after school to film and generally bossed me around, which was not appreciated. Not to mention that somehow I ended up saying I'd do all the editing for this video, which is pretty much just stringing clips together. Except that I like messing around with videos and this will probably take a sickeningly long time. 

This Friday to Saturday night is SAS-a-Thon, in which I am walking for charity. Basically, I'm supposed to get sponsors to give me money every time I walk a lap. That would be great, except I basically have no information about this event. Supposedly it's a really big fighting poverty event and I should be excited to help save the world or whatever, but to be frank I just want to know what time to show up. 

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