Saturday, May 26, 2012

20 Cents

Okay, I really should be studying for finals right now. But something is kind of bugging me, so I'll write about it to clear my head before I start bullying my brain into studying.

This morning into the early afternoon I was hanging out with Nick around Orchard Road. Unfortunately practically nothing was open, so we ended up wandering aimlessly around for a while. Actually, Nick wanted to pick up his copy of Diablo III and some sweatshirts, but neither of those happened. At least I got something done....

I have a project due Monday that requires A3 paper, so we went to this really awesome art store called Art Friend to pick some up. So paying would be quicker, I got out 80 cents (a 10 cent, a 50 cent, and a 20 cent coin) and was holding them in my hand. However, I dropped the 20 cent coin just as the man in front of me was getting his change. When I went to pick my coin up, the cashier lady and the man thought it was his coin. However, I didn't realise this and took the 20 cents. The man said something along the lines of "Wow, you must be really broke," as he left. What confuses me is that I checked my hand when I dropped the coin, and I only had 60 cents. Then, I picked up the coin and had 80 cents. So, I'm pretty certain that was my coin.

Even if I am at fault and that 20 cents was somehow his, I think his comment was pretty mean. He could have just said, "Excuse me, that's my 20 cent coin" and I would have given it to him.  Even after he walked out of the store and met up with his wife/girlfriend person waiting with his baby, he was still ranting about this. Honestly, it was 20 cents so not a big deal either way, but it doesn't hurt to be polite in this day and age. And I really did think it was my coin.

Okay, I'm blowing this incident out of proportion.

Anyways, time to go study. I probably won't post again until after finals...

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