Monday, December 2, 2013

The "Lovely" School Bus

Okay, let's start out this blog post with a quick quiz.

1) If you are a bus auntie (lady who supervises kids on school bus) and one of the children throws up from carsickness, what is the appropriate response?
a) clean up the mess
b) comfort the child
c) ignore the problem
d) spray aerosol air freshener on the child in question
e) two out of the five of these

2) If you are riding the bus, what is the appropriate response to a child throwing up from carsickness?

a) sympathise
b) move away from the mess
c) mock the child
d) scream "WHO PUKED?!" over and over again
e) complain that the bus smells
f) three of the five of these

If you picked answers "e" and "f", then congratulations! You passed the quiz. In regards to question 1, the correct two responses were "a" and "d", and question 2 was "c", "d" and "e". Now that you understand how my Monday morning went, let me tell the full story.

There was a really big accident on PIE today which caused the buses to take a massive detour, which was really awful. We went all the way out to Jurong, on really bumpy roads that could use some work. Thankfully we didn't get stuck like some kids (some got in at 8:30), but the ride was less then pleasant. Aside from feeling like I was on a roller coaster, someone got carsick. I don't blame the kid because I thought I was going to get sick too, but the response was less than impressive.

Really, bus auntie? You're going to spray the poor kid with aerosol air freshener? Does anyone else find this really ridiculous, and NOT a good solution at all? Follow that up with the nasty kid's reaction, and the poor kid must have felt really awful. I find the children on my bus to be rude and mean to each other (as well as impossibly loud) while this year's bus auntie is just rather of incompetent.

Oh well. Only one more year in this school

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