Sunday, December 8, 2013

Annoying Things About Singapore

Well, I don't know if these things are exclusive to Singapore, but they sure do seem to happen a lot around here.

The first thing that drives me crazy is the SLOW service! The other day I went to Koi Tea in the basement of 313 Somerset, and it took me 10 minutes to get my drink! The place seemed a bit understaffed and no one seemed to really care that people were standing around and tsking. Restaurants will let you sit for ages before asking for your order, and good luck getting the bill. It's not everywhere, but slow service happens too often to not consider it part of living here.

Another thing that really annoys me is when people stop on the bottom/top of the escalator to check their phone. It's quite dangerous at best when there are loads of people, not to mention really inconsiderate. Check your darn handphone somewhere else, please!

Can't forget about the general attitude people have when they don't have something/are too lazy to check. I've been in stores where I've asked if they had a product, and the salesperson would say no. After a bit of digging around, I've often been able to find it! Seriously now, I thought you were trying to make money....

This isn't really any person's fault, but here in Singapore your hair will act totally haywire. My mom looked like a lion, and I think it took two years before my hair looked decent. I've learned now to avoid aircon when possible and don't go outside with your hair even remotely damp, but it's super annoying.

Imported things. Everything here is imported, which I don't mind. But I do really hate being told to buy this or that because it was made in Germany or the USA or wherever. And of course they mark up the price to crazy heights when something is French or Italian.

Looping conversations. This is pretty common at restaurants or with service people in which you ask a question, get no response, and have to keep rephrasing it until you get the "I'm not sure" answer you suspected. Ugh.

Seems about accurate. I probably sound like a little spoiled princess, but sometimes you need things done quickly and accurately!

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