Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What's Up, NYC?

Well, I meant to post earlier than this, but sometimes things get in the way I suppose. After my lovely 18 hour flight into Newark two days ago, we took a taxi into the Big Apple. And to be honest, I don't understand what the general fuss about America and NYC is. It just seems like a really big city without many trees. That and after living in Singapore for a year, America in general seems really grey. The buildings here make me feel like I have been transported back in time... Lots of brick and more grey. Yesterday we met up with my father's coworker and his wife for lunch, which was quite nice. The food here is really yummy- we've mostly been eating from diners because we all want American food! I also had the famous New York cheesecake... It's really good. Afterwards we ended up just wandering around Times Square and buying tickets for shows. We're seeing Phantom of the Opera tonight, Cirque de Soiel (how do I spell that?) tomorrow, and The look King the day after. No idea what's planned for today- thanks to jet lag I'm up rather early. I'm also sleeping on the sofa of the romm we're staying in. It's a pull-out sofa bed, but the night before was so miserable that I decided to sleep on the sofa part today. That compounded with a sore throat/cough isn't particularly fun. That and NYC is freaking cold! I actually have to post from my phone... So I may not be posting a lot. Also excuse any mistake that come from typing with my thumbs.

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