Saturday, June 16, 2012

Back in Burlington

Well, I've had a gloriously busy last couple of days and haven't had the chance to write. Because I'm feeling a bit lazy, I'm going to make a rather listy post instead of a properly written out one. Oh well...

1. The Shows I Saw in New York, and How I Rate Them
- Phantom of the Opera
- The Lion King
- Zarkana

2. Regarding the Shows:

All three shows that I saw in New York City were really good, and really different from each other. It's hard to name a favorite because they were so different. Comparing The Lion King to Phantom of the Opera is like comparing an apple to an orange. Then, throw in Zarkana and it's comparing fruit to chocolate. I will say that I've seen better Cirque shows, though. I think the level of danger surpasses what I've seen in other Cirque shows. However, the actual level of difficulty was less. The artistry was also weaker than other shows like Dralion. That being said, it was still an awesome show and completely worth seeing.

3. Regarding New York

I like New York City. While I don't think it's my favorite city in the world, it was worth going to for the shows and the general excitement. I wouldn't move in any time soon, but it's a city I'd like to return to at some point in the future.

4. What I Did Today:

Today we left New York City and went to Newark Airport to pick up a rental car. We then tried to drive to a family friend's house, but missed the exit and eventually ended up skipping lunch at their house. After that, there was a fair amount of driving. Thankfully we stopped off at a bagel place for some lunch- they didn't have spoons so I had to eat my soup with a fork! It was kind of amusing annoying. At long last we made it back to Burlington, where I am typing this up now.

5. Back in Burlington

It's really weird being back here. There have been some changes that I've noticed, but really not a lot. Legal Seafoods was still in the mall. Delia's was still across the way. It's comforting to be back, but also  just a really strange feeling of having left, but not really left at all.

6. MacBook Air

I'm typing this on my new MacBook Air! It's so cool- and significantly lighter than my other computer, which is nice. Though I'm kind of wondering how I'll transfer everything over. Mostly my gaming stuff, I could give or take most of the documents >.<

Yay, back in MA! I've got a day writing and with my friends tomorrow, then I'm off on a college tour...

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