Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Laziest Larceny

Something pretty strange happened tonight, and I'm going to call it "funny" purely because I'm not sure how to handle it. We drove to Western Massachusetts today (I slept the whole way there), and this evening we went to a diner. The food was awesome and the portion sizes were huge. However, when we got back to the (rented) car, my dad realised the gas tank cover was open. When he checked the gas amount in the car, it was definitely lower than before. Someone nicked some gas from our car, and was too freaking lazy to close the cover! I mean, come on.

If you're going to steal something, at least try to be subtle about it.

My family is viewing this as weird but slightly funny. The person didn't take very much gas (or we just have a huge tank), but I really think they could have been better about it. It's actually the first time my parents have had gas stolen, and they have started recounting stories of "back in the day we had locked covers" during the gasoline wars.

Other interesting things happened too, unrelated to the stolen gasoline. I've seen a total of four colleges so far out of five, and I already wrote about one of them (Wheaton). All of these were seen on different days, but I'll list them quickly here. First, I saw University of WI, Madison which was a really big school. Then, I saw Beloit College and was very impressed by the campus and staff. They really made sure I learned a lot about campus and what it is like to be a student there. After flying back to Boston, I saw Boston University. I actually saw this school last year when I did a college tour down the Northeast, and decided to bring my parents back. After talking to some students and staff, I can also firmly say I like BU. Picking a college is going to be really hard!

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