Sunday, April 7, 2013

Prom Dress Shopping

Prom dress shopping is easily one of the most exhausting things I've ever done. Thankfully, I got my dress a while ago and have nothing to worry about. My friend Abbey, on the other hand, hasn't got a dress yet even though prom is two weeks away. Yesterday, she and I went out in search of a dress for her, and it turned into a bit of an adventure.

We started out in Takashimaya, but didn't really see anything of interest there. She's always worn short black dresses to prom, so I wanted to get her into a long dress. After getting lost in the underpasses for a bit because I couldn't remember how to get to Tangs to save my life, we ended up at Far East Plaza. Far East appears to be the easiest place to get a prom dress. There's about a million stores there, and prizes range from rather cheap to easily over six hundred dollars. Anyways, we started by going to the shop where I got my dress, which is Lisa Penny. I actually bought my dress from them last year and I find that they are not only well-made, but reasonably priced.

Anyways, Abbey tried on a couple of short dresses but wasn't really finding anything interesting. To "humor me", I threw a couple of long dresses at her. One was ice blue and peacock themed, which wasn't terrible but made her look like she was either going to perform a peacock dance, or go to an Indian wedding. Not a contender by a long shot. The second or third dress she tried on was massive, but when pinned up looked absolutely amazing. It was long, black, strapless with an accent down the body and set off her figure nicely. 

But then of course we decided to wander around for another two hours looking for dresses, only to have her keep going back and thinking about the one she had already found. 

Oh, prom dress shopping. I love and hate you at the same time. I love you, because it gives me girl time and an excuse to see my friends look beautiful. I hate you, because it makes me walk around for hours. 


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