Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sleepy Dormouse and Other Things

I think I'm becoming my character in Alice. See, I'm the dormouse, which basically means I sleep at every opportunity possible. Thankfully I don't snore or hibernate because that would be pretty inconvenient. Anyways, show week is always incredibly tiring. I'm stressed and life has taken a backseat to dance, which isn't too bad except I'm really sore. Also, I showed my dance teacher my audition piece for IASAS dance (which is basically our varsity team), which was nerve-racking. The other day I performed for little children, and thought that was scary. Nope! An empty studio, an iPod that has a mind of its own, and a dance teacher is a much scarier situation. It worked out though, and I know the thing will work out at the end of the day.

I've noticed a couple of weird things about living here lately. The first is that Singapore's cool-and-muggy temperature might actually be more miserable the blazing heat. See, humidity is nasty, while heat is avoidable. Second, bugs. There was a cockroach in the dressing room yesterday (there was lots of screaming), indicating that people were bringing food down there. Bugs are out to get you and your belongings here. Don't hide snacks in your desk or you'll get ants. Throw everything in plastic bags, seal everything off, and be careful about things being left out. The third thing I've really noticed is that there is a rhyme and reason as to when people are in shopping centres, but I still haven't figured out exactly why. I go to Great World City a lot after school, and there always seem to be various families, old people and business people there. Sundays are family days, Saturday is shopping day, Sunday any time at Tanglin is pregnant women day, and the weekdays are seemingly more random. Yup, sounds like Singapore.

*yawn* I'm tired. Time for Tea!

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