Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Great World City

I've been talking about GWC a lot lately, so I figured a post about it would be appropriate. 

Great World City is a shopping centre not terribly far away from where I live that I go to almost every day. My bus drops me off outside of it and I walk for a while... and that's all the detail you get about where I live (though in all honesty diligent readers of this blog could probably find roughly where I live within a few kilometre radius). Anyways, I've been there a TON lately getting snacks and dinner lately, so I figured I'd talk about the place. 

There are a lot of different shops at GWC from shoes to clothes, and the upstairs area has a movie theatre (that I don't go to very often, I head to Plaza Singapura for that) and general children's activities. While it doesn't have high end brands, it has pretty much everything else you would ever need. Banks, bubble tea, Breadtalk, Fond, a nice steak place called Pepper... you name it, it's probably there. One notable weird thing about it though is to get into it from the second entrance walking you have to go through a bar called the Pump Room, which I've never been able to figure out because that seems like a total mood killer. Also, why are there always people there drinking, every single day of the week? I go there enough to know this to be true. 

Thank goodness they redid the bathrooms in GWC. Each floor is vaguely country themed, hence the name of the mall, but the Egypt floor used to really creep me out. Like, go-to-another-floor type of creeped out. 

Anyways, they have a decent food court in the basement (and other yummy things) that I'm really tired of because I feel like I eat there at least once a week. Regarding eating, eating dinner alone is stupidly lonely and pathetic. It always seems like everyone else has someone to talk to or really cute kids to mind, while I sit there with my bags and food just shovelling it in my mouth so I can go home. Meep. They used to have an awesome noodle place, but it shut down. However they do have a Taiyaki shop (its days are probably limited, like the soya milk place next door and the prata place that already closed) which is kind of interesting. GWC also has a Jollibean (The peanut stuff from there is great, everything else is thoroughly underwhelming), Sharetea (they recognise me), and a pie place that doesn't sell anything but chicken pies. It's really weird. 

So, that's actually a decent insight into life here in Singapore. Random stuff that normally has its own building, like a bank or post office (though I don't think there's one in GWC) are in shopping centres. The doors blast you with Arctic wind when you walk in, which is really annoying when it's raining out. You see people of all walks of life there all the time, and there's often a really, really lost tourist. 

Well, I should do homework now. This was a good little distraction from the fact that the first show of Alice is tomorrow! AH!

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