Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dumb People on the Internet

I'm tired of hearing people complain about how others treat them on the internet. It's seems really self-defeating that people engage in irresponsible behaviours and then whine about the consequences. I see this all the time on Facebook these days, and I just wanted to comment here. Living here in Singapore it feels like I experience most of my peers' lives through the internet, since I know very few of them in real life (thanks, cliques). Here we go!

If you post pictures of yourself drinking underage, I automatically assume you are stupid. I'm sorry, but it's true. Seriously, you are 1) showing off that you are breaking the law, 2) openly displaying that you don't respect authority and 3) are ruining your body, and proud of it. No wonder high school kids are always reminded to remove drinking photos of themselves. 

If you post pictures of yourself in trashy Halloween costumes, don't question why people make sexist/dirty comments. You have made the decision to present yourself in a way in which your sex appeal outweighs virtually everything else. Yeah yeah, don't blame the victim, but honestly now if you wore something that covered both butt cheeks then you wouldn't have guys posting that they'd like to "tap that". Think about it. 

If you spout super opinionated religious or political stuff, expect people to disagree with you. There are lots of different shades of grey regarding both religion and politics, but if you hate on another group, they will retaliate. Don't run around shouting freedom of speech after you've said something really nasty to another group. Staying away from such topics is a really good way to not make enemies. Granted, I just gave my opinion on those who post political and religious hate, but I feel like I can justify that by saying this is my blog, and I can post what I want. 

If you ever release anything of yourself naked on the internet, be it a photo, video, SnapChat, whatever, expect it to bite you in the butt. Once it is out on the internet, it's there forever. My rule of thumb is if I wouldn't want the principle and/or my mother to see it, it's not on the internet. And actually, it just doesn't exist. 

There you go. 

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