Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sewing Pointe Shoes

It's been about forever since I've had to sew a new pair of pointe shoes. Somewhere between six months and a year, I believe. Therefore, this routine activity has become special to me, since I haven't done it in so long.

Sewing pointe shoes used to be a really big time-consuming pain that often involved rare TV time, cursing, blood drawn from fingers and stitches showing through satin. Things have changed, being here. They aren't the same brand of pointe shoes this time around- I'm trying Suffolk again. The elastic is different, the ribbon is pinker to match the shoes, and the drawstring actually works. Haven't decided if I'm going to put elastic on them, but most likely because they keep falling off my heels.

I guess that's the same- the darn shoes falling off my duck-feet narrow heels unless elastics and/or rosin are applied to my tights. Oh, and I'm still sewing with dental floss, something my teacher Ms Carrie taught me six years ago. Six years ago- was I really 11 when I went en pointe? I think so, because the next year I danced Sugar Plum at the Holiday Tea, and was barely thirteen for the Peasant Soloist in Giselle.

A lot has changed, then. I'm no longer a soloist, one of the most flexible, or the one with the strongest ankles. Now I'm just one dancer who's a little too curvy (sorry I'm not a stick-thin Singaporean!) for Chinese dance teachers but refuses to lose weight. Oh well.

I'm taking a trial class at Cheng Ballet tonight to see what level I fit into and also if I like the studio. Here's to a new adventure in dance :)

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