Sunday, June 9, 2013

Enough is Enough

School is finally over. Junior year ended dramatically, like a badly-written drama with no clear conclusion. It wasn't good enough for a sequel, instead receiving an awkward half-written short story wrapping up the minor points while leaving the main bits wandering aimlessly, attacking anyone who dares get too close. Teenage drama is a bother. That's my new phrase, stolen from Winnie-the-Pooh. It gets me interesting looks in public, since most people try and remember where they've heard the phrase before. Well all, it's from a cute and cuddly bear who probably starred in one of your childhood bedtime stories.

From an academic point of view, second semester ended pretty well. I ended up with 2 Bs and the rest As, which is nice though I wish I had been able to pull the 89 up to a 90 in both subjects I got a B in. That's the most annoying thing- you were so close, it was just the weighting or whatever that kept your GPA a bit lower >.<. Anyways, my grades raised significantly from first semester, and I'm happy about that. Next year is going to be rough: AP World History, AP Psychology, AP Statistics, Dance Performance, Chinese II and English Satire/Asian Literature. The good news is that it makes me competitive for UK universities, otherwise I couldn't be bothered to do the AP math class. Numbers and Natalie are not friends.

It's summer now, and everything is swirling within a crystal ball. Too many words flying without much thought. Too many criticisms, emotions and lack thereof.

Enough is enough. Shut up and enjoy the silence.

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