Monday, June 10, 2013

Not a Lazy Summer

Okay, I actually have something interesting to post about today that isn't me ranting or complaining! I'm in a super good mood today, and I think I know why. It may be too early to say, but hey, one might as well take each day as it comes and every good day deserves its own mini-celebration.

Now, I found out about Blogilates a while ago because I watch Bubzbeauty. Bubz has been working out for her wedding, and I noticed she had slimmed down a lot and looked super healthy. Since she had been mentioning Cassey and Blogilates a lot, I figured it was worth looking into. Anyways, I finally got on the Blogilates bandwagon yesterday. I printed out my beginner's calendar and have started keeping track of what I eat. Tried to make banana pancakes today, but they were pretty bad. Not sure if it's because I hate bananas or because they were hard to flip, but I wasn't a fan. Think I'll just stick to eggs or something in the morning instead.

Yesterday I confirmed something for myself that I assumed was true previously. That would be: jogging in Singapore is the hottest thing one can do. Running on a treadmill? Fine, I can easily do 1 kilometer. Running around the general area (probably half a kilometre)? Freaking hot. Miserably sweaty, and gross because of the car exhaust. Not doing that again any time soon.

In terms of keeping up with the work-out videos: I don't find them that bad, but I didn't want to do one of the Blogilates standard monthly workouts because I figured I should ease into "regular people" workouts. I'm accustomed to dance workouts, and they are pretty different (for whatever reason). Or at least, that's the mindset I'm in, and shifting one's mindset is pretty tricky!

So, I'm just trying to drink a lot of water and not sit on my butt for too long. Actually, if I do, then I get up and do something.

Healthy food, happy mood <3

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