Thursday, May 2, 2013


May is the very best, and absolute worst, season every year. Mostly the best season.

In the US, May is pollen month. I spend the whole month sneezing and coughing with red eyes and a runny nose. Here in Singapore, it's hotter-and-more-humid-than-usual month. Not certain why it's so hot and steamy, but that's May. Apparently it snowed yesterday in the Midwestern USA. When I turned 6, it snowed the morning of my birthday party. I suppose May is a little unpredictable, like me.

May is also the very best month because it's my birthday month! My birthday is halfway through the month, and though I'm sure I've mentioned it somewhere on this blog, I'm not going to today. Regardless, I'm turning the same age as the title of the ever-popular Seventeen Magazine, which is pretty cool because now I can "officially" read it.

I'm also getting inducted into Thespian Honor's Society, which is pretty interesting because I always assumed I would be a dance honoree rather than a Thespian. Considering I'm going to try next year to act, dance and tech as well as take 4 APs, maybe I need these Honor Societies to get me into a US college.

The best part about this whole Honor Society thing is getting to be out of uniform and a little dressed up tomorrow. I'm wearing a 50's inspired dress I got in the cold streets of London in February that's black and white, with little heels. I'm also sitting around writing this in pin curls, hoping for some volume in the morning. This could be very interesting... I hope it looks nice in the end.

Here's to MAY!

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