Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Countdown Begins

I just got back from two weeks in the USA, and a lot happened there. I can't talk about everything, because that's crazy and I'm stupidly jetlagged.

The first week in the USA was spent primarily in New Jersey. We searched for a house during the first three days, and actually found a house we are interested in on day 2. To prevent jinxing anything to do with the house, I will stop there. We also looked around for cars, got oriented with the area (haha, what the heck is a township?), and found that New Jersey people say "coffee" as "cwafee". I was pretty surprised that New Jersey is so... rural. Some houses we saw were essentially in the middle of no-where. The "funniest house award" goes to a property with a pool directly under low-hanging power lines. Not really sure who decided that was safe!

The second week was spent in Massachusetts, during which time I did my BU orientation. I stayed three extra nights (only Thursday night was mandatory), but it was a lot of fun. I met more people than I could possibly remember and even, oddly enough, three kids from my old school. One was kind enough to catch me up on all the town's gossip. Small town stuff :D

I also got to visit my boyfriend, which was neat. I saw the show he was working, which comprised of two monologues, Monocular Man (his website) and one about going to and getting sick in India (Madras). When I remember the second one's name, I'll try and edit this post. We took the T to the theatre, which left much to be desired after taking Singapore's MRT for three years.

Well, I'm home now, and about ready to pass out. I took a nap earlier but still feel like death. Here's to holding out until... 8 pm!

The countdown for moving back to the USA starts... now!

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