Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Last Post

I'm writing this from the airport lounge at Changi. This is it, folks. Three years and a bit of blogging on Sent to Singapore ends when I hit "Publish" after I'm done writing. More of the experience of moving back to the USA will be posted on Back to Boston, since that all is part of the experience. Photos I haven't uploaded on here will go there, such as Boxville, the luggage, and Marina Bay Sands.

Singapore was an amazing home for three years. I tried things I had never heard of, graduated high school, partied my heart out and got lost and found myself again. I travelled to more places than some people go in their lifetimes and found the love of my high school years. Singapore gave me more than I could ever give it, and I am nothing but grateful.

Today my mom and I started by swimming in the Infinity Pool at Marina Bay Sands. It's crowded and really just an illusion of being on the edge of the place, but it was a sort of magical experience. We could see the buildings that were near our house, but again, not our apartment itself. I looked down onto Scape and Cathay Cineleisure and tried to remember the last time I was there. Getting MOS Burger and bubble tea, I think? I can't remember, but I do know at the time I didn't think it was the last time we'd be there. I saw ION and thought about how I hated navigating Orchard Station and the million tourists. My last few days in Singapore, I was a tourist. I went to the ArtScience Museum and was impressed by their massive dinosaur exhibit. We saw the Annie Leibovitz exhibit and wondered how one woman managed to shape our perspectives of the world so simply through the lens of her camera. We ate overpriced cupcakes (High Society in Marina Bay Sands, not impressive). Today was our last day, and we tried to live it without thinking about the clock ticking over our heads, reminding us that our time was limited.

Now we're in the airport, and there are people running around like ants. Everyone here thinks they know where they are going, but they don't really. They don't know what awaits them wherever they go, even if it's the place they call home. There's a certain amount of mystery that the future holds, no matter how well we try to plan it out.

So, farewell Singapore. It was a good ride.

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