Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Some Days

There are some days in which things are going great. You wake up and your hair looks nice, your skin looks nice, you have lots of energy, and you're ready for the day. Then the day is good, for whatever reason. Maybe someone said something hilarious in math class, or you found a dollar on the floor. Either way, there are good days.

Then there are normal days. You wake up and everything looks okay, but not great. Maybe you leave your pencil case at home and survive on a borrowed pencil, or a tiny stub from the bottom of the dark abyss you carry on your back. You eat whatever you can grab at the cafeteria, and it's greasy but still okay. Maybe it rains, but you only get a little damp.

There are also days that you might as well have given up at the start of. Days where you wake up late and have a stressful morning. You get a bad result on a test you thought you did well on. You lose something important and forget your keys, so you're locked out of your house. Days where you're lonely in a room full of people. Those are bad days.

Some days, I don't know what they are like. A whirlwind of all of those things- good, normal and bad. Most days are normal, because otherwise that would be weird. Some days start out badly and end up great. Some days work the opposite and start out good but crash and burn as soon as time wears on.

Some days you know why things aren't going well. Sometimes things just change without a moment's notice. Once in a while you can predict what type of day you're going to have tomorrow, and the day after.

So occasionally, I feel like writing abstract blogs. They don't have anything to do with Singapore, or what it's like living here for most people. But this is what it's like being a teenager here, and everywhere else I assume.

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