Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Things for New Expats/Expat Teens

Here's a proper "living in another country" sort of post. Haven't made one of these in a while, but last night around 11pm the idea popped into my head. I apologise if some of the ideas are repeated. Between listening to newer kids and laughing with the ones who have been around for a while, I've come up with a list.

1. The faster you can accept you're moving, the better. That way, you're not freaking out over the whole concept of moving, but freaking out over where you're moving and how you're going to deal with all of that nonsense.

2. Realise that wherever you are moving is different than where you are from.

3. Accept that what foods you like and such at home are probably at least three times more expensive than their old prices.

4. Use a family member who returns to home country fairly often to pick up stuff for you.

5. There's something in your new home country that is significantly better than at your old place. For me, it was the food, the MRT, and the people. The school campus is great too.

6. There's something weird about home that you're going to miss horribly. I miss my old school with the house parties, the druggies, and the really quirky people who you just can't find here.

7. You're going to get sick from something. Even if you're in a country where the water is potable and stuff, something will make you sick. I think it was the yogurt here that took a while to get used to.

8. Speaking of water, you're going to have to get used to the water. Singapore water made my hair fall out pretty badly for about a month.

9. The climate is probably going to be different, and you'll get used to it eventually. But at least for me, Singapore was horribly hot for the first two months or so.

10. You're going to meet really cool people who have lived all over the world. Some you'll like, some are spoiled, and some are remarkably normal.

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