Sunday, March 17, 2013

Getting Lost

This post was written yesterday, but I forgot to post it. Here it is!

Today I did a fair bit of site seeing around Singapore. Not intentionally in the slightest, of course. My friend's birthday party was today, at it started at 5pm. However, I am writing the start of this post at 5:50, on the MRT, dead late and highly irritated. 

It started out that I forgot his birthday present, which isn't good. However I should have just told him that I was going to give it to him on Monday. Instead I took a taxi home, picked up the present, and attempted to take a taxi to the right place. But I didn't know exactly where I was going, and I ended up in the NTU west campus. After a nice panic and general irritation, I got on a bus and found myself at Pioneer station. So now I'm sitting here with 2 more stops to go, hoping I'll get there eventually.  

Things I've learned today:

1. Never go home for a birthday present
2. Never assume the taxi driver knows about what you're talking about, or where you're going. 
3. There are definitely places in Singapore that I am unfamiliar with
4. Being lost sucks

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